Having to appear for a one-on-one interview is stressful enough, so having to be interviewed by an entire panel can be nail-biting. But panel interviews are beneficial considering how much time they save and how many people you meet that you will prospectively work with. The key is to convince every one of them of your aptitude for the job.

Never think of yourself on the receiving end of a firing squad

Use the following tips to impress all the panelists at your next interview:

1. Focus your attention on each of the panelists

When introducing yourself, look at each one of them as you ask for their business cards or their names.

Don’t stare at one person alone. While answering, make it a point to look around at everyone and not just the person who asked you the question. Smile and nod to build a confident impression.

2. Presume that you’ll be asked to repeat yourself

Chances are you’ll be asked to clarify what you’ve said. He/she might need more information…

When you think about it, hiring managers probably go through heaps of resumes, with yours being just another one. What’s more, not all of them pore over resumes pedantically- they usually just skim through it. It is therefore of utmost importance that your resume is attractive enough to catch the hiring manager’s eye. But how?

One of the factors that decide this is the layout of the resume. The “what goes where” depends on the job requirements. So, you should zero in on prioritising and highlighting certain sections.

Usually, hiring managers study your resume in this order: related work experience…

Company Secretary

With a surge in interest in Chartered Accountancy(CA) in recent years in India, there has been huge competition with young students scrimping for the coveted CA jobs. The Company Secretary(CS) has slipped through in this humdrum and emerged as the lesser competitive career option that has not been taken full advantage of, by students.

According to ICSI, “ With the enactment of companies act, 2013, the demand for CS is projected to go up to 200,000 by 2020 while there are only 46,000 CS right now.”

Let us understand what exactly a CS does!

A Company Secretary is on the…

Interview Skills

Strong body language is indispensable for an interview, irrespective of your technical skills and confidence levels. Your body language is what contributes to the first impression that is made. This implies that you make your impression within a few seconds of entering the room.

Think about these first few seconds. This is where you should greet the interviewer/s with a firm handshake, and look at each one in turn while introducing yourself. These movements need to exude the right amount of confidence.

To translate your confidence into your body language, bear the following in mind:


How you sit and…

F1 Visa

You got Admit to one of the prestigious universities in the USA . You are on Cloud 9, followed by which you went to a Visa Interview you have been rejected. Your dreams of going to the USA getting a good job were shattered.

“Getting an admit is easy, but passing a Visa interview is tough.”

The above line was said by many students who were studying in USA and rejected in a Visa interview.

There are no set questions that the US Consular Officer might ask, and one cannot predict that these are enough. Each Officer is different and…

Job Offer

You’ve performed exceptionally well at the job interview, your reference checks have been cleared, and now the company has offered you an available position. But before you accede to the offer right away, you should devote some time to perusing your contract and discussing the job with a few people. So before making the final decision, consider the following points to avoid any regret later on:

Your enthusiasm

What excites you most about working at the new company? Mentally list out the reasons. If you can’t think of anything, then it might indicate that you’re not ready to spend a…

Job Interview

10 Tips to Ace your next Job Interview by interviewbuddy
10 Tips to Ace your next Job Interview by interviewbuddy
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Nobody loves Job Interviews, but they stand between you and your dream job.

The word ‘interview’ is often conjures up images of nerves and stress but with this article’s help, you will be equipped with the important tips to beat the nerves, prepare and deliver a successful interview.

Get a copy of the most current posting and in the depth job description.

A significant part of getting ready for the interview is by doubling down on the effort to examine the employment posting.

As you survey the set of working responsibilities , consider what the organization is looking for in…

The interviewers are convinced that you possess the necessary skills and experiences for the job, but what will make them favour you over the other candidates who are just as skilled and experienced? There are some other factors that come into play here.

Here are the four factors interviewers rate you on:

1. Zeal

You need to appear for the interview with gusto and translate this into your body language. In addition, your enthusiasm should be evident from your initial cover letter all the way to the thank-you note. …

Following proper etiquette while interrupting someone can be the hinge that determines whether you make or break the deal with a client. If you interrupt too often or rudely, the customer will be affronted at once. In the case of an interview, like in a group interview, making interruptions all the time can send out the impression of an ineffective communicator. This is where you must apply tact and discretion.

Here are some phrase that we have picked out that will allow you to make interruptions in a conversation with both subtlety and respect.

• “I’m sorry to interrupt, but….”…

Think about all the number of times you’ve skipped a meal because you were busy and had a big and sorry pile of work to finish. Did you ever stop to think that the food would actually help you finish your work? This is because your brain expends about 20 percent of the calories that we ingest daily, the quality of which is correlated with your productivity levels. For this reason, you should give the same attention you reserve for planning work to your meals as well.

Your Brain Responds to the Food You Eat

It is alarming to see…


Virtual face-to-face practice interviews with industry experts

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